Dime Glory Challenge 2018

Dime Glory Challenge 2018

The 2018 Dime Glory Challenge in Montreal this past weekend.

The Dime Glory Challenge for those who don't know is a skateboard contest held by the Canadian skateboard company Dime along with this years partners DC Skateboarding and Thrasher Magazine. This is not your typical skateboard contest. The contest events are carefully planned with death-defying obstacles to excite the crowd, while still challenging the riders in every aspect of skateboarding. 50 of the worlds best skateboarders battle it out for $1,000,000 in cash prizes. The events consisted of Furthest Wall Ride, Speed Challenge, Volcano Challenge , Gladiator Challenge, Pyramid Drop Challenge, and the World Championship Game of Skate. After the indoor event Dime then offered a Block Party for everyone to attend which was also free. And for those that still had some fight left in them, Dime held a Street Challenge with a large kicker into a crazy hill bomb the next day. With the streets filled with bystanders skaters flew full speed off a launch ramp into a steep hill. This event was open for anyone that wanted to step to the challenge not just the best skateboarders in the world. With a few victorious runs and a few near death experiences it was back to the Block Party for the last night of partying. The Dime Glory Challenge is an event that I would suggest any skateboard fan or festival lover to attend, an action packed weekend that will not disappoint the adventurous. We will see you next year Glory Challenge. Stay tuned to the Thrasher Magazine website for a full recap video of the weekends events.


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